The Beavers Festival

The Beavers festival is Slovene biggest festival of cultural education, aimed at young audiences.

Events at the festival are free and prepared according to the postulates of cultural and artistic education: preparation for the event, viewing – experience and reflection.

The festival is prepared in such a way that the morning activities are intended for organized visits to educational institutions, while the afternoon and weekend activities are for family visits.

In the Old Power Station we are hosting 10 events – radio plays, discussions and installations, all in one day.

More information about the Beavers Festival programme in the OLD POWER STATION.

Tickets are free of charge. More information about acquiring tickets at the Beavers Festival website.

More information about the other events during the Beavers Festival.


28. 03. 2023


9:30 - 19:00


Vstopnice brezplačne./Free tickets.


Stara mestna elektrarna