Temporary Collective, T. Ondrová, P. Tejnorová and collective: DUETS

(Czechia, Slovenia)

The performance Duets is essentially a portrait of people and their relationships, mediated via a visual language one can read and observe either as a performance, a dance or a living sculpture. In joining hands with guests who are not professional artists or performers themselves, this collaborative work of art (by Petra Tejnorová, Tereza Ondrová, Sodja Lotker, Nina Jacques, Petra Hauerova, Viktor Černicky, Dominik Žižka, Katarina Duricova, David Králík) highlights the gesture of encountering otherness and attests to the fact that we can form duets with strangers, of any shape or size, background, gender or orientation.
It is simple, poetic, funny, complex and even impossible tasks that provide a script for an intimate encounter between two people, one-to-one, and thus give the performance its form and dramatic structure. And even though the interactive approach may at times seem risky in the context of theatre, the absurdity and humour embedded in Duets’ tasks generates joy and excitement. »Sing your favourite song into the other person’s leg«. The execution of Duets rests on minimalism, seriousness, playfulness and coincidences that emerge on this particular evening and unravel before our eyes.

75 minutes

Concept: Petra Tejnorová, Tereza Ondrová, Viktor Černický in kolektiv/and collective
Directing: Petra Tejnorová
Dramaturgy: Sodja Lotker
Conceptual collaboration: Nina Jacques
Movement cooperation, research: Petra Hauerová, Matthew Rogers
Light design: Katarína Ďuricová
Music: Dominik Žižka
Participants: Ebad Ahadi, Erika Bračič, Meta Breznik Bertoncelj, Deja Kačič, Katarina Kolar, Mitja Lovše, Matjaž Marinič, Mojca Pačnik, Luka Planinc, Simona Škorja, Lev Vidmar, Marina Vitković
Production: Daniela Řeháková
Assistant producer: Laura Zemanová
Local producer: Alma R. Selimović
Supported by: Ministrstvo za kulturo Češke, Češki kulturni fond, Metrostav, Život umělce Foundation
Partners: PONEC – dance venue, Studio ALTA, Cirqueon

Photo by: Vojtěch Brtnický


19. 08. 2023


20:00 - 21:15


1 €


Stara mestna elektrarna