Tanja Lažetić: Berlin Zoo


Tanja Lažetić’s project Berlin Zoo addresses the perception of time and the past. In it, the author uses her artwork to try to move the past out of memory.
At the centre of the project is the lion cage in the Berlin Zoo, as a kind of monument that has survived many socio-political changes. The author’s grandmother first saw the lion lying there in 1965 and photographed it. The author took her first photograph of a lion in the Berlin Zoo in 2006. Thirty-one years on, nothing has changed for the caged lion. When she submitted the Berlin Zoo project to 2023+ in 2006, she wrote: “Even in 2023, everything will perhaps be the same, so I will add a third photo of the lion from the Berlin Zoo to the series then.” But in 2019, the cage was renovated, and the latest photos of the lion cage were taken this summer.

Tanja Lažetić has been visiting Berlin since 1997 and regularly documents her visits. The projection will therefore mix her photographs with those of her grandmother from 1965. Her grandmother is gone, and Paskal Dokler, who will accompany the projection with an accordion, was not even born in 2006, when the artist started the project.

Reservation: pr@maska.si.

Author: Tanja Lažetić
Performer: Paskal Dokler; accordion
Production: Maska Ljubljana


28. 09. 2023




10€ dnevna vstopnica / day pass


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