Svetlana Slapšak: ESCAPISM, EVACUATIONISM, MICROCOMMUNISM OR MONASTERIES, ISLANDS, FORESTS: all the escapes from revolution (lecture)

Svetlana Slapšak’s realm of expertise, publishing and research is so vast, that – as Dijana Matković put it – it is admirable that it is mastered by only one person. Her areas of expertise include linguistics, antic studies, Balkan studies, gender studies … She has published numerous essays, translations, books and also – started more than 50 petitions. She has fought against death penalty, for peace, for human treatment of refugees, for women’s rights … She is also the current columnist of Maribor’s biggest daily – Večer. Svetlana Slapšak seems to embody the ideal of engaged intellectual who is not afraid to get her hands dirty – either with politics or with banal topics such as cabbage (she wrote a book on cabbage and sexuality) – but at the same time bases her activism and thought on thorough understanding of history and anthropology. Who best to speak about the future and survival than someone who knows about the history and human nature – either from anthropology or from Greek drama?

Part of  Urban Heat LAB #5, SURVIVAL NARRATIVES: Socio-economic Power Structures


22. 11. 2016




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