Stefan Kaegi (Rimini Protokoll): MNEMOPARK. A MINI TRAIN WORLD.


Stefan Kaegi from the collective Rimini Protokoll, returns to Ljubljana with his new project Mnemopark. With this performance, Kaegi keeps the spirit of his last year’s success with Cargo Sofia Ljubljana where again he walks the thin line between art and documentary. Kaegi confronts the problems of globalisation through personal stories. Last year we followed the lives of truck drivers, while Mnemopark will offer us a history, personal experiences and environmental issues through train model rides and the stories of their operators. The Mnemopark landscape is a model of a railway in an Alpine environment. This landscape becomes the set for the movie we are watching. While trucks had an air of brutality regarding life away from home and a certain sense of banality, trains are viewed in a romantic fashion in reality and within the performance: they carry people and their stories.

Concept and directed by: Stefan Kaegi
Visuals: Lex Vögtli
Video: Jeanne Rüfenacht, Marc Jungreithmeier
Sound: Niki Neecke
Assistant: Anna K. Becker
Dramaturgy: Andrea Schwieter
Producer: Maria Kusche
Performers: Rahel Hubacher, Max Kurrus, Hermann Löhle, Heidy Louise Ludewig, René Mühlethaler, Niki Neecke
Translation: Divna Ećimović

105 minutes
The performance in German with Slovene subtitles.


17. 08. 2007


Stara mestna elektrarna