Inside and Outside
The group Station House Opera was formed in 1980 and is considered to be one of thebest known English contemporary theatre groups. This will be their first appearancein Slovenia. Each of the Station House Opera performances can be viewed within adifferent genre, but all of them are full of stage architectural magic and fantasticallyflawless acting. Therefore they often turn the laws of the theatre and gravity upsidedown. The “Roadmetal Sweetbread” is a duo, but also more than just a duo: it showsthe inner and outer world of the two main protagonists, completely without words.This is a melodrama regarding loneliness, about the thin line between love and hate;it is a story about intimacy, about the power of imagination and about passion. A veryprecise video enables audiences to follow two realities on the stage: the actual worldand an inner monologue, truth and desire. At the end, it is not possible to discern onefrom the other. The “Roadmetal Sweetbread” has already toured on all continents. Each performance is different, as it is adjusted and created anew for every stage. TheOld Power Station will be no exception.

Written & directed by: Julian Maynard Smith & Susannah Hart
This version directed by: Susannah Hart
Performed by: Susannah Hart & Matthew Bowyer
Video: Tony Pattinson
Photography: Suki Bowpat
Production Manager: Kirsten Reynolds
Produced by: Judith Knight & Frances Scott, Artsadmin, London
Station House Opera gratefully acknowledges funding from Arts Council England and the British Council,

75 minutes


17. 08. 2006


Stara mestna elektrarna