Snježana Premuš: Re-imagined

The center of interest of the author Snježana Premuš is the composition and development of the system of linking verbal and acoustic associations with movement ones. In 2023, the principles of intertwined “dialogues” and soundscapes represent the starting material that can be constantly upgraded and re-imagined. Time loops are created that bring us back to different beginnings – although we are never at the same point again, as we were before: reconsider – take into account – check – revisit – redefine – see in a different light – or in a fresh way, etc.

“In this way, the body is not conceived as a secondary microspace in which the inherent limitations of the (macro)social are drawn only later, through the processing of the social or psychological self, but as an initial limitation, the acceptance of which only offers room for liberation, and consequently also for a different conception of sociality. Confluence of stable structures,” Jaka Bombač, SIGledal 2023

Artistic director and choreography: Snježana Premuš
Co-creators and performers: Snježana Premuš and Tina Valentan
Music: beepblip
Lighting design: Fabio Bozzetta
Costume design: Ajda Tomazin
Voice exercises: Irena Tomažin
Photography, lighting management: Marcandrea
Design: Sonia Pust
Video documentation: Inan Sven Du Swami
Producer: Barbara Zonta
Public relations: Urška Comino
Technical assistance: Marcandrea

Production: Zavod Federacija Ljubljana
Co-production: Bunker
Residence: Creative Center Krušče
The project was supported by: the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Municipality of Ljubjan
Thanks: Gregor Zorc, Maja Dekleva Lapajne (Jambor)


22. 06. 2024


20:00 - 21:10


10€ / 5€


Stara mestna elektrarna