Škart: Singeroll, Storoll, Penjalec

August 19th to 28th, opening on Friday, August 19th at 8 pm
the platform by the Slovene Etnographic Museum

How About a Round with a Singer Sewing Machine?

For the last couple of years Bunker has been setting up Tabor Cultural Quarter with the help of collaborators and partners. When we interviewed the local inhabitants as to what it is that they wish for the most in this part of Ljubljana, one of the answers expressed the desire for spending social time in a quality manner. And so we thought to ourselves: why, after all, wouldn’t we set up a completely unique playground with ecological touch, which could also serve as a space for encounters and thus give adults the opportunity to become children once again?

We invited the Belgrade-based group Škart to cooperate on the project, since they are considered an outstanding collective of creativity, involved in various genres from graphic design and architecture to poetry and provocative socially-engaged projects. Škart was founded by Dragan Protić and Đorđe Balmazović in a graphic studio at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade in 1990.

Especially for this year’s Mladi levi festival and for Tabor Cultural Quarter has Škart team created extraordinary large sculptures – playground equipment for all generations: for all those young at heart, for everyone with humorous, inquisitive and adventurous spirit. You will be able to spin around in a special kind of roundabout, take a round with a Singer sewing wheel, climb up a hayrack and come up with a haiku in the meantime. Everything is made of recycled materials and designed for the purpose of supporting new neighbourly acquaintances and cheerful socializing.

Škart are: Dragan Protić, Đorđe Balmazović, Goran Petrović
Producer: Marko Brumen
Produced by: Bunker, Ljubljana


19. 08. 2011


Ploščad SEM