Saška Rakef: The Debt of Rakef Saška / The Debt of RS

Saška Rakef’s solo performance emanates from her personal experience of debt payment due to inadequate management of a family company, which subsequently had to be removed from the state registers.

»Debt of the Republic of Slovenia isn’t yet another reality-based story of a self-employed professional in the field of culture on the verge of a financial (and possibly other kinds of) collapse, that talks about the ailments of civil obedience and paying off your own debts. /…/. Even though its visual scenery comes accross as /…/ rather simple – as a tell-a-tale performative lesson with a lectern, two microphones and one single person – the performance nevertheless succeeds in creating a complex landscape of meanings by drawing on polyphony of voices that echo various performances of Debt of the Republic of Slovenia.«
Nika Leskovšek, Dnevnik, 7th November 2012

Concept and realisation by: Saša Rakef
Text by: Saša Rakef v sodelovanju s/in cooperation with Klavdijo Zupan
Directing, set design and costume design by: Barbara Kapelj Osredkar 
Sound devised and designed by: Brane Zorman 
Dramaturgy by: Klavdija Zupan 
Production by: Maska Ljubljana

31 minutes and 4 seconds

The performance is in Slovene with English subtitles.


29. 11. 2012




Amfiteater II. gimnazije