Ruta Nordmane: APPLE MAN (film projection)

Ruta Nordmane is one of this year’s dance nomads at the Nomad Dance Academy educational program. She studied at the Academy of Culture in Latvia, where she also comes from, and participated in workshops of contemporary dance choreographers all over Europe. She has created several dance performances herself already. This year, she has focused her interest on the dance film genre. Ruta premieres the short film Apple Man within the framework of the Short Cuts 09 Nomad Dance Academy. She has fun in presenting a relationship between three men through a series of playful dance scenes. And she sets the rules of the game…

Story and director: Ruta Nordmane
Camera and editing: Andrej Intihar
Acting: Aleksandar Georgiev, Igor Koruga, Elia Rubin Mrak Blumberg


28. 08. 2009