When writer and publicist Miha Mazzini saw an emotional scene at a table next to his in a restaurant, he commented on the fact that we can eat at home, but we sit in bars in restaurants to watch stories unfolding at the tables near us. This time we won’t need to look at the neighbouring tables, because Le Petit Café won’t be only a place to have coffee, croissants or a quick lunch. It will become a theatre. One of the tables will be the stage for the performance for two. With their performance Etiquette, Rotozaza created a mini-play, performed by the audiences themselves. Visitors sit at the table and put headphones on, while the voices of a young girl and a philosopher guide them through half an hour long mix of different scenes – some of them are inspired by moments from film and theatre. The table is a stage, the objects on the table are props and set designs, the two visitors are performers. This situation offers a challenge on how to partner up with a voice and follow it and how to partner up with a co-actor, who you can know or maybe not.
Rototaza is a group from London, who like to research the boundaries of what’s possible within the live realm and also challenge audiences. The trademark of their work is the dynamics and that each tour leaves a local mark on them. With Etiquette they realized their long-standing dreams and created a completely mobile performance with the ability to function in any language.

Written by: Anthony Hampton, Silvia Mercuriali
Sound design and editing: Anthony Hampton
Speaker A: Anthony Hampton
Speaker B: Silvia Mercuriali
Female figure voice: Gemma Brockis
Nora: Melanie Wilson
Torvald: Greg McLaren
Produced by: ArtsAgenda
Producer: Paul Bennun
Funded by: Arts Council of England
With thanks to Mladen Dolar.

The text is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese.


18. 08. 2008