Reverend Billy, Savitri D: Workshop, sermon, public intervention

Friday, August 24th from 4 pm

The performer Reverend Billy draws inspiration from American preachers for his flamboyant interventions, which he performs together with a group of activists that he recruits from local communities. The Reverend Billy exorcises the consumerist Devil out of cash-registers or people in shops; he exorcises hypocritical art sponsors who destroy nature and then ask for forgiveness; for example, he exorcised the “evil spirit” of British Petroleum from the Tate Modern. Like the ancient philosopher Diogenes, who carried a lantern around in broad daylight trying to find an honest man, Reverend Billy looks for people in shopping malls. He was preaching on Wall Street and got arrested while licking the cups in a Starbucks coffee shop. In his opinion, people should transform themselves from consumers to citizens. The Reverend Billy merely practices what the church preaches. So… what would Jesus buy?


A preparatory workshop prior to the public intervention will be held between the 21st and 24th of August: on the 21st and 22nd of August at 5.00 pm and on the 24th of August at 4.00 pm in the Glej Theatre.

Public intervention:

The 24th of August at 4.00 pm at Novi trg in Ljubljana (by the fountain)


August 24th at 7.30 pm in Glej Theatre

More informations

Concept and realisation: Reverend Billy, Savitri D
Producers: Samo Selimović, Marcela Okretič
Production: Aksioma – Zavod za sodobne umetnosti, Bunker Ljubljana
Co-production: Gledališče Glej
Special thanks to: Bani Brusadin
Supported by: Ministrstvo za izobraževanje, znanost, kulturo in šport, Mestna občina Ljubljana


24. 08. 2012