Sunday, August 21st at 9.00 pm
Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana

Cafe Lucija is a part of the project Lucija which tries to bring together Slovenia and Finland (through products, events, food …). They focus on local and natural ingredients; food they want to launch, is light, healthy, natural and suitable for people with active and mobile life-styles. During the pop-up event we will serve finger food for symbolic prices; a fusion of Finnish and Slovenian food:

Carelian pies with prosciutto / Karjalanpiirakoita ilmakuivatulla kinkulla
Blinis with smoked trout and horseradish / Blinejä, savustettua taimenta ja piparjuurta
Carniolan sausages Finnish style / Karniolan makkaroita suomalaiseen tapaan
Cloudberry mousse / Lakkamoussea
Rhubarb pie / Raparperipiirakkaa


21. 08. 2011