Plumes dans la tête: LA QUIESCENZA DEL SEME

Plumes dans la tête is a recently formed group, which unites various young artists from different fields of the arts (theatre, music, visual arts…). They say that their mission is to give a shape to an idea.
“Quiesence” is suspension, hibernation, a state of inactivity, which nevertheless suggests an internal activity or readiness for a new beginning. Seeds lay dormant when waiting for the desirable conditions for germination and growth. The term “quiesence” can also be used for volcanoes, which are currently not active, and for the tranquillity of mind that doesn’t wander but isn’t extinct either. La quinescenza del seme is an intimate solo by Silvia Costa, a young Italian artist. Nevertheless, the theme of her performance is the opposite process, a process where one doesn’t wake up and springs into action, but sinks back into a state of calm readiness, into the state 0. The performance is a fascinating straight-line story about returning back into darkness and water, back into peace and being itself.

Author and performer: Silvia Costa
Music and lighting design: Lorenzo Tomio
Technical assistance: Simone Donadini
Production: Plumes dans la tête
Coproduction: Festival es.terni 2007 – Dimora Fragile project

30 minutes


24. 08. 2008


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