Philippe Quesne/Vivarium Studio: L’EFFET DE SERGE

On the penultimate day of the festival the stage of The Old Power Station will host the performance L’Effet de Serge by the French artist Philippe Quesne. The stage is Serge’s living room, in which objects are only the starting points for mini etudes of living on the stage. Serge plays table tennis with himself, is visited by friends, and listens to music… He says that he stages a mini performance with a minimal amount of special effects for his visiting friends every Sunday. Serge is at home on the stage and his homeliness and cosiness of positioning and movement around the room are very convincing. In these times where reality shows are merely constructed and fictitious images of our everyday world are on constant display, L’Effet de Serge is refreshingly “natural”. The performance gives the impression that everyday life is much more interesting than any staged event.
The performance also reflects the recycling spirit of the festival, because Quesne used many of the props from his previous performances – a recycled set design we might say.

Conceived, directed and designed by: Philippe Quesne
With: Gaëtan Vourc’h, Zinn Atmane, Rodolphe Auté, Tristan Varlot and guests
Photography: Pierre Grosbois
Production: Vivarium Studio
Coproduction: Ménagerie de Verre – Paris
With the support of: Forum scène conventionnée de Blanc-Mesnil, Festival actOral montévidéo Marseille

75 minutes


26. 08. 2008


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