Monday, August 27th at 8 pm
Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana

A concert to remember plus two typewriters
While going through the basement of her grandparents one day, Portuguese artist Patrícia Portela found a chest, containing the writings and designs of Acácio Nobre, a forgotten inventor and artist from the beginning of the 20th century. He was what you might call the Portuguese da Vinci, Lumière or Steve Jobs: a toy inventor, a science fiction author, a bio-engineer, an art devotee and an avant-gardist. Nobre had been silenced and erased from Portuguese history by the dictatorship. By using a silent movie accompanied by two typewriters as a simultaneous narrative with musical scenery, Patrícia Portela goes on to create a story by forming a dialogue with the avant-gardist through an account of his plans, political ideas and ambitious scientific and art projects.

Text and images: Patrícia Portela
Typewriter and sound installation: Christoph de Boeck
Special effects and image post-production: Irmã Lúcia
Electronic design: Fabrice Moinet
Interpreters: André e. Teodósio, Patrícia Portela
Light design: Daniel Worm d’Assumpção
Acácio Nobre’s jewel: Alda Salavisa
Acácio Nobre’s tables: João Gonçalves
Table and benches manufacturer: Lionel&Bicho
Dressmaker: D. Maria Luisa
Text editing: Isabel Garcez
Video: Rui Ribeiro, Les Filmes de Merdre
Production managers: Helena Serra, Pedro Pires
A co-production by: Prado/ EGEAC-Maria Matos Teatro Municipal
With the support of: Gulbenkian Foundation, La Porta
Sponsored by: Jata – pequenos electrodomésticos, São Luiz, Teatro Praga, Algifa, A vida Portuguesa, CNC, Toy Museum of Sintra
Associated Partner: ZDB

90 minutes
Performance is in English with Slovene subtitles.


27. 08. 2012


Stara mestna elektrarna