Patrícia Portela, Christoph De Boeck: HORTUS

August 25th to 28th
Opening on Saturday, August 25th at 6 pm
Debates: Saturday, August 25th and Sunday, August 26th at 6 pm
University Botanic gardens Ljubljana

Microcosmos of a garden
Patrícia Portela and sound artist Christoph De Boeck have joined forces to create a story about a garden, inviting us to follow the example of ancient Greek peripatetic philosophers and embrace the practice of philosophy while walking across a green landscape of sounds, messages and micro-stories, listening to lectures about humanity, nature and civilization. The garden is covered with sensory devices measuring the dynamics of wind and light while translating the photosynthetic process into the melodious singing of birds. De Boeck’s measurement system is based on an algorithm generally used in financial markets. If the essence of our society would resemble that of flowers, then progress wouldn’t be measured by the standards of material wealth, but by the intensity of blooming. Or, as Henry David Thoreau would say, if a forest is not in you when you are in a forest, then what exactly gives you the right to be in a forest?

In the frame of the Hortus installation two debates with guest speakers will take place:

August 25th at 6 pm: moderator Maja Hawlina, guest speaker: Kyohei Sakaguchi
August 26th at 6 pm: moderator Janaz Janša, Maska, guest speaker: Polonca Lovšin

Concept, sound, electronics: Christoph De Boeck
Concept, text, image: Patrícia Portela
Electronics: Culture Crew
Production: Prado & deepblue – Helena Serra, Pedro Pires, Christoph de Boeck
Slovene producer: Mojca Jug
Supported by: Kaaitheater, ZDB, Festival Van Vlaanderen, Verbeke Foundation, Maria Matos Teatro Municipal, LIFT Festival – ICA, CML – green Department of Lisbon Town Hall, Gulbenkian Foundation, Turizem Ljubljana, Botanični vrt Univerze v Ljubljani

The discussions will be in English.


25. 08. 2012