presentation of 2020 Network – Thin Ice: Arts and Climate Change and talk with the artists

”I couldn’t say that Art will solve everything; it won’t solve anything. But there has to be a kind of amalgamation of everybody all looking in the same direction.”
Max Eastley, sound artist, voyager on Cape Farewell’s expeditions to Arctic for artistic exploration and scientific enquiry

The newly established 2020 Network – Thin Ice: Arts and Climate Change brings together producers and artists that try cratively and innovatively to respond to the key challenges of environmental problems. After a short presentation of the network and its activities, artists and the audience will discuss the relationship between art, creativity, the role of individuals and environmental issues. The network has already begun with the activities on the last edition of LIFT festival, we continue in Ljubljana with the recycling theme of Mladi levi festival. Since the activities of the network will continue for at least two years, we will try to use this round table –hopefully an open forum- to outline the guidelines for future actions and development.

Speakers: Elena Fajt, James Leadbitter, Mark Godber, Alma Selimović, Ida Hiršenfelder
Moderator: Nevenka Koprivšek


25. 08. 2008


Gledališče Glej