Olinka Vištica, Dražen Grubišić: MUSEUM OF BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS

Opening: August 19th at 12.00
open: from Tuesday to Monday from 10.00 to 18.00 until September 20th

The Curator = An Emotion
Each of us is familiar with one of the most cruel emotional experiences: with the ending of a loverelationship. The end, when the time of the rejected or abandoned lovers transforms themselvesinto something completely different, as it is propelled only by memories, sadness and self-inquiry. Everyone licks his/her wounds in his/her own way, but the common and instinctivecharacteristic for everyone is that he/she wants to destroy every single real memory of his/her“emotional” defeat, even the most minute of ones. People delete E-mails, texts, tear photo-graphs and hide from themselves all those things which remind them on their now already ex-love; all this in an effort to forget as quickly as possible. The Museum of Broken Relationships byOlinka Viπtica and Draæen GrubiπiÊ received global media attention upon its opening in Zagreb,Croatia. The museum enables people to store those objects, which “survived” the attack of“affected and emotional vandalism.” You can donate things, which remind you of your unfortu-nate love relationship and therefore contribute to the creation of a collective emotional heritage. Or you can visit www.brokenship.com and write something about your unfortunate love. Amongthe objects, collected in Zagreb were: keys of an ex-boyfriend’s apartment, sick bags from air-planes and even a motor-scooter, a Vespa with the following words etched underneath it: “This yellow scooter has waited for two years in the garage to be repaired and to enable us to drivearound like those couples in love in Italian movies. We never took a ride on it.”

Authors of the exhibition: Olinka Vištica, Dražen Grubišić
Slovenian co-ordinator: Katarina Slukan

Supported by: Ministarstvo kulture Republike Hrvatske
In co-operation with: Mestni muzej Ljubljana


19. 08. 2006