Thursday, August 25th at 3pm
Park Tabor

Culture has been responsible for various functions throughout history: the social, the sublime, the revolutionary, the socially committed, and many more. While alternating in function, culture’s constancy lies in the fact that it never ceases to address its audience. Even though two crucial liberal axioms finally managed to make a break with the old paradigm (the first being the new accessibility of culture for all “social classes” and the second the postulate that “all genres belong in the art sphere”), artists and especially producers continue to look for new approaches to audience building. While artists should primarily remain bound to art, producers are facing the responsibility of bridging the gap between functions of art on the one hand and works of art as such on the other.
How to properly address the audience, how to find the right kind of audience for a specific work of art and, most importantly, how to involve people more profoundly in art by not merely offering them the end-product, but by bringing them closer to the process of art-making itself? And finally: how to create opportunities in order to instigate change and improvement in our lives without risking compromises when it comes to quality?

Moderators: Nevenka Koprivšek, Alma R. Selimović


25. 08. 2011


Park Tabor