Sunday, August 30th at 9.30
Kavarna SEM

It’s been 35 years since the Slovenian band Pankrti shouted: “Seventeen, seventeen, young personnel with great potential, a radar instead of a head” … thus dealing with their career prospects. At that time, the future of one’s career was either in the hands of party officials or subject to personal opportunism. And Pankrti got bored. Jure Novak and Uroš Buh, members of Natriletno kolobarjenje s praho, are neither bored nor are they young, promising personnel. Theatre director, poet and performer Novak and musician Buh are not the voices of their generation, because their music and lyrics are too personal for that, but in direct reference to Pankrti’s lyrics they recognize today’s career gatekeepers as HR and PR. Not just in terms of career satisfaction, but rather ontological happiness. So they capture the zeitgeist of those who went to Pankrti’s live concerts as well as those who simply see them as a chapter in the history of music and politics.

The poetry of Jure Novak, set to music by him and Uroš Buh (a member of Same babe and Zaklonišče prepeva), encompasses diverse genres, bringing out the very best in poetry, music and performance. Which makes the two superb personnel for our festival.

Natriletno kolobarjenje s praho are: Jure Novak, Uroš Buh

Photo: Ivian Kan Mujezinović

60 minutes


30. 08. 2015