Naket Stage: Life. Refabricated.

Life. Refabricated. is a regular meeting on stage of Maja Dekleva Lapajne and Norbert Sven Fö, observing and exploring the meeting points of theatre and dance improvisation, wandering off into clowning, enjoying some sound and music making and, last but not least, refabricating life. All this stage endeavor is fueled by close friendship and powered by passion for creating games. Each such event is focused on a particular theme which is sticking out at the time of the meeting. Reflecting on the theme while performing and doing so by using the medium of performing, the artists reflect not only on the theme, but as well on performing, relation to the public, stage as medium and life itself.

Norbert Sven Fö is a member of DISCOllective that researches playfulness in a role of a dancer, choreographer, performer, clown, teacher, writer, producer, among many; and in formats like performance, dance, play, game, event, choreography, social experiment, installation, lecture, workshop, class, publication, clown act, video, score, among many.

Maja Dekleva Lapajne is a director and a performer from Ljubljana, a member of Kolektiv Narobov, the artistic director of the Naked Stage, a member of the international performing group Orcas Island Project, a member of the feministic Mary Shelley’s Mothers collective and the artistic co-director of the project Along the Walk. She has worked in various different projects and mediums, from clown theatre, scripted theatre and contemporary dance to radio, television and film – but her main focus, passion and frustration has always been improvisation.

TICKETS: 6€ / 4€ (students, seniors)

FOR BOTH SHOWS IN THE EVENING: 10€ / 6€ (students, seniors) – reservations at

The performance is in Slovene, English and more.

Concept and performing: Norbert Sven Fö, Maja Dekleva Lapajne


28. 10. 2022


19:00 - 20:00




Stara mestna elektrarna