Naked Stage: When You Are Someone, You Are So

At the beginning of July 2022, a group of high school students with a few mentors travelled to the wilderness next to the dried-up river Dragonja and explored impro in all its dimensions among wild boars. With the lack of everyday luxuries, solidarity developed and they quickly went from strangers to friends. And that is why it is not surprising that the topic of friendship came up again and again. They decided to explore this topic on stage as well. They are interested in many things: what do the closest friendships look like, when it is the right time to show a mirror to someone, how to get through difficult times and how to celebrate important life events together… For most of the performers, this is the first longform show, the first departure from short impro games and the first deep improvisational research. On the other hand they already have lots of experience with friendships.

ŠILA – High School Impro League is a theatre improvisation program for cultural and artistic engagement of high school students. It has been operating continuously since 1997 and it takes care of education, socializing and theatrical engagement of young people. Around 350 high school students participate in the project every year.

TICKETS: 6€ / 4€ (students, seniors)

FOR THREE SHOWS IN THE EVENING: 12€ / 8€ (students, seniors) – reservations at

The performance is in Slovene.

Concept and performing: Žana Dolenc Čučnik, Gaja Gorenc, Jitske Hartmans, Lovro Jug, Martin Kerin, Nina Koritnik, Anteja Mugerle, Alica Muratović Romih, Žan Razboršek, Eva Režek, Mateja Strle, Indija Stropnik, Blažka Šifrar, Dominika Tekavc, Naomi Uma Zorman
Mentors: Liza Berden, Mojca Frim, Doroteja Jemec, Jošt Jesenovec, Mistral Majer
Artistic direction: Doroteja Jemec in Jošt Jesenovec
Lights: Borut Cajnko
Production: ŠILA – High School Impro League


29. 10. 2022


17:00 - 18:00


6€ / 4€

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