MILESTONE ANNIVERSARY! 20th Mladi levi closing celebration

For the closing of the festival, we invite you all – children, adults, families, , residents of the Tabor neighborhood, and all friends of the Mladi levi festival – to join us at the relaxing atmosphere marked by music and gourmet cuisine on the last day of the festival.

You are welcome to come between the shows or just like that, for a refreshing tea, snack, selected music, chat, or a game of ping‑pong. Free child care will be available between the performances at kindergarten Lion Cubs, with a bunch of fun games and Workshop of protests, where children will be able to express all their complaints and write them on banners to show them to the adults.

3.00 pm–midnight: Chill out and hot-up music by MC Kitch, with oriental flavors by special guests
3.00 pm–midnight: Games (table tennis, elastics, hula hoop, hopscotch, etc.)
4.00 pm and 6.00 pm: Workshop of protests
4.00 pm–10.00 pm: Tasting of delicious dishes made by chefs from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan
7.30 pm: Toni Soprano: THE WALL, opening
7.30 pm: FPZ Z’borke, concert

Idea and implementation: Kitch
Workshop of protests led by: Urška Boljkovac
Set design: Kitch, Tanja Radež
Lighting design: Igor Remeta
Producer: Lea Kukovičič


27. 08. 2017


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