A Solo about a Duet
The fantastic Portuguese performer and dancer Miguel Pereira is already an old acquaintance of the festival Mladi levi. The performance “Miguel meets Karima“, which Miguel created together with the Egyptian dancer Karima Mansour, was developed in several cities within artistic residencies of other Mediterranean artists. At first the performance was in the form of a public dialogue, where artists with completely different backgrounds conversed about dance: what does the dance mean to them; what is it like to be a contemporary dancer in Egypt or in Portugal; they discussed their views on nudity as a mode for unveiling or hiding…?
The duet soon developed into two in dependent solos. Pereira as an extremely humorous narrator reveals the process of creation of this never finished performance and discloses the distress of the helpless artist when he/she encounters a new topic; he makes fun of the absurd game between the artistic market and producers. He questions himself about the dance and movements, which he can’t do anymore. At the end the only one who is left on the stage is he, Miguel.

Conception and performance: Miguel Pereira
Dramaturgical assistance: Roger Bernard
Costume execution: Mónica Bertran
Production: O Rumo do Fumo
Co-production: Festival Alkantara 2006, Panorama Rio Arte, O Rumo do Fumo, MAPA — Cel-lula Sant Mori, Galeria ZDB
Supported by: CENTA, Jangada de Pedra, MC/Instituto das Artes

60 minutes


23. 08. 2006


Stara mestna elektrarna