Matija Ferlin: SaD SaM


SaD SaM is the first artistic project of a young Croatian dancer from Pula Matija Ferlin, in which he already shows a strong poetic of his own. Ferlin graduated at a dance school in Amsterdam. He now collaborates with various artists from the dance and film industry. Slovene audience could already see him in the performance Rondinella and Rodeo.
Ferlin gives an impression that the stage is his natural environment. His relaxed presence is completed with his boyish figure and sincerity. We see him in all sorts of situations: from humorous to painful. Ferlin autonomously and with ease moves from paraphrasing pop culture in a Jérôme Bel style to interpretations in front of the screen with almost poetic slogans by Katalina Mella:
… I explain myself
in a natural way
nothing can reveal my broken legs
the world made me an animal
of distrust …

Directed and performed by: Matija Ferlin
Text: Katalina Mella
Music: Ivo Bol

40 minutes

The performance is in English.


24. 08. 2007


Stara mestna elektrarna