Matea Bilosnić: CATA STROPHE

presentation of a work in progress

Having honed her craft in the Zadar dance ensemble, the Croatian dancer, choreographer and multimedia artist Matea Bilosnić featured on Slovene stage as a member of the En-Knap Group. Her new dance endeavour entitled Cata Strophe, a work still in progress, examines over-saturation of information that opens up infinite possibilities of interpretation. This project is being developed in the context of the Croatian Perforation Festival, in cooperation with the Serbian Festival Sola and Mladi Levi, which will play host to a preview of this exciting project.

25 minutes
Presentation is in English.

Choreography, concept, sound and performance: Matea Bilosnić
Dramaturgy: Nikolina Rafaj
Sound consultant: Davor Sanvincenti
Produced by: Udruga Domino
Development of the artistic project is supported by European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists – EFFEA, co-financed by the European Union.

Photo by: Marta Banić


20. 08. 2023


20:30 - 21:00


1 €


Sindikalna dvorana Elektro Ljubljana