Maruša Kink, Gregor Strniša: FROGS

Lazar (to Devil): There is no soul. Have you  s e e n  the soul?
(Gregor Strniša: The Frogs)

“If the eye were an animal, sight would be its soul.”
(Aristoteles: On the Soul)
What happens, when two people who have been playing since forever, stop and look into each other’s eyes – calmly, and for real? When they admit to each other that this is all that really is? That all the rest is … nothing, a game, a fantasy? That the most important thing – and by far the hardest, at the same time – is to simply be yourself, to be here. And to be together. To look into each other’s eyes, and to keep eyes locked on each other. That they are constantly inventing new worlds and new ways to get together, even if just a tiny bit. To drop the masks. That the best, the most frightening, the most powerful feeling is to stand in front of another person the way you are. Only you. And to be together.

What is a soul? Where is it? Is it?

The devil is in the details.

A concert performance, a part of the two year long theatre explorations of Strniša’s FROGS by Maruša Kink.

Poems and Texts: Gregor Strniša and team
Director: Maruša Kink
Performers: Maruša Majer, Nika Rozman, Nejc Cijan Garlatti, Stane Tomazin, Nataša Keser, Matija Vastl
Live Music: The Frogs – Jure Maček (percussion), Maša Budič (flute), Blaž Podobnik (piano), Danijel Bogataj (violine, guitar)
Tech Team: Igor Remeta, Duško Pušica, Andrej Petrovčič
Set Design: Tina Bonča
Costume Design: Tina Bonča
Producers: Mija Špiler, Mojca Jug, Tajša Perović, Alma R. Selimović
Production: Bunker, Ljubljana
Coproduction: Zavod Margareta Schwarzwald
Photo: Tanja Radež

The performance is in Slovenian.


29. 11. 2018