Marko Drpić, Rada Kikelj: Tricycle prints stories from Tabor

nedelja, 28. avgust ob 11.00
Park Tabor

The old tricycle is full of stories he lived through when he was still driving luggage all across Ljubljana. Since the tricycle doesn’t speak, however, we equipped it with a print shop as well as lead-made letters, and his adventures will be relived once again by master Tipo and storyteller Renesansa (Renaissance). You will thus find out that once upon a time Tabor was nothing other than a field and that it hosted almost an entire army battalion. Perhaps the old tricycle will also reveal exactly where a little stream was flowing, or perhaps he might even say a thing or two about a tremendously powerful hero.

Production: tipoRenesansa in the frame of 2nd Festival of Letters

Duration: 45 minutes
followed by a short workshop for children


28. 08. 2011


Park Tabor