Marc Oosterhoff & Cédric Gagneur: Pallet(s)

The riddle is as follows: a wooden object nailed with 78 nails, an integral part of the global economy, measuring 1,200 x 800 x 144 mm, weighing no more than 25 kilograms, can bear up to a tonne of cargo, allows lower cost transport of good and travels by sea – what is it? A few years ago, the festival featured a performance about containers, and this year, it’s pallets. Both are the golden standard of global logistics. If the title of the dance performance wasn’t so telling, you might’ve not guessed. His second piece, which will be presented to the Slovenian audience by the Swiss artist and his compatriot, movement and breakdance artist Cédric Gagneur, is filled with risks and playfulness. In the duo Pallets, movement artist and artistic director of Cie Moost Marc Oosterhoff transforms the usability of pallets into a parkour of physical barriers and balancing games. Pallet(s) is a risky work of art, but not dangerous. And the viewer’s body reacts, despite being sheltered by the solid seats.

Created by: Cie Moost & Cie Synergie

Concept and interpretation: Marc Oosterhoff & Cédric Gagneur
Lighting design: Robin Dupuis
Music: Hawa – Beam me up
Administration: Mariana Nunes
Touring: Lise Leclerc – Tutu Production

Produced by: Cie Moost
Supported by: Corodis, Pro Helvetia

The performance is supported by Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council.

35 minutes

Photo: Grégory Batardon


27. 08. 2020


Also on the 27th


ŠD Tabor

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