Mallika Taneja: BE CAREFUL

Tuesday, August 23rd , 7.30 pm
Thursday, August 25th, 7.30 pm
Glej, the Theatre

Mallika Taneja is an Indian actress and director, described by a professor of the Kirori Mal College as an artist characterized by a precise attunement to the world, sensitivity to injustice and a refined awareness of social and personal space.

Be Careful, a miniature perhaps deserving the feminist label, deals with the concept of women’s safety. In part, it participates in the current heated and difficult struggle against assaults on women in India, where the perpetrators and silent majority regularly shift blame onto the victims, perhaps the way they dress or present themselves. Taneja scorns this logic and – just as her own person, too – exposes it bare; ripping pretence from the hypocritical dominant discourse by chanting titbits of advice given to women online on the subject of being prudent, staying safe. Clothes (or the absence thereof) are essential carriers of political and identity markers. What do Taneja’s have to say?

Devised and performed: Mallika Taneja
Production Support: Suhasini Taneja
This performance was first created at the Tadpole Repertory as part of their show ‘NDLS’.

Photo: David Wohlschlag

30 minutes

The performance is in English.


23. 08. 2016


Gledališče Glej