Mala Kline, Max Cuccaro: LOOKING FOR ANDY

The performance will be the conclusion of a 10-day process, which will take place within the research workshop for artists with some experience with the stage and the creative process. Mala Kline and Max Cuccaro designed their workshop as a concrete process of creating a performance. The research and creation process is based on recycling and filtering of existent ways of performance, apocalyptic fantasies and fantasies about the coming new. With the process of recycling strategies invented by the first radical reforming theatre artists to embody the dream of a “new man”, and with the process of transformation of individual’s physical and virtual identities, a space opens for something new to appear.

Menthors: Mala Kline, Max Cuccaro
Created and performed by: Dragana Alfirević, Tina Dobaj, Nina Fajdiga, Malika Fankha, Matej Kejžar, Matija Kezele, Mala Kline, Jasmina Križaj, Jana Menger, Martina Nevestič, Lada Petrovski, Milena Rodriguez, Stephan Shtereff, Irena Tomažin, Rok Vevar
Soundscapes and music: Sašo Kalan, Luka Ropret
Assistance with lighting design: Jaka Šimenc
Assistance with costumes: Maja Čop
Assistance with set: Bor Pungerčič


27. 08. 2008


Železniški muzej