Magdalena Reiter / Studio: Conversation pieces

Studio Contemporary Dance Company, Zagreb

Shows: 9, 10 and 11 December 2019, at 8 p.m.

John Berger once said that the way we look at a piece of art is determined by a series of assumptions: about beauty, truth, civilization, forms, status, and taste. With this in mind, the matter of modern dance seems even more volatile, evasive, incomprehensible, especially if it does not rely on description, on an imaginative framework to mould and shape the body, but on the body itself and its own possibilities of interpretations.

This is why Magdalena Reiter calls her new performance Conversation pieces. She does not rely on any predefined conversation subject – whether it takes place between the choreographer and the dancer or between the dancer and the audience. Her primary focus is on the (female) bodies and their own monologues. Body here is approached in a laboratory-like fashion. The cracks opening up through processes of destruction, analysis, and redefinition of body as imperfect and unexpected provide a glimpse of criticism of how we perceive female body on stage, but also of self-perception, of self-awareness and the resulting behaviour.

Photo: Neven Petrović


10. 12. 2019




10€/7€ (students, seniors)


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