Lyrical Minutes in the School

Lyrical Minutes were established as part of the international festival Mladi levi 2011. They’re classic, dressed in fresh and colourful outfits, and have certainly been providing one of the most lyrical refreshments of Ljubljana’s summers for two years now. The forthcoming edition of the performance is about to move from Ljubljana to Maribor, from venues such as city streets, city markets and train stations … to a school. Visit ll. gimnazija Maribor and let yourself be surprised. Lyrical Minutes will find their way into everyday school life and thus transform the space of established practices into a landscape of surprises.

Director: Dirk Opstaele
Performers: Martina Burger, Irena Yebuah Tiran, Diego Barrios Ross
Producer: Mojca Jug
Production: Bunker, Ljubljana
Co-production: Ensemble Leporello

8 minutes


28. 11. 2012




Amfiteater II. gimnazije