Love Says Let’s Go

Nina Dragičević


Sound-Poetry Performance, 45′
// in Slovenian //

Ljubav reče greva [Love Says Let’s Go] (ŠKUC Publishing House, 2019) is a poetry book by Nina Dragičević, also known as a prose writer, essayist, composer and sociologist; as an artist creating in several fields of artistic and theoretical expression. This event is a presentation of a synthesis of artistic and thought genres, from lyrical immersions into love to thorough analyses of contemporary social pathologies – through sound interpretation by Žiga Jenko and vocal interpretation by Anja Novak and the author herself.


»Love Says Let’s Go is a tour de force, a galloping sprint of words, sounds, thoughts, voices, feelings, ruthless rhythms, a sliding, constantly moving, restless, multi-voiced, escaping poem, absorbed and caught up in the intensity of today’s life, of precarious distress, urban pulse, obscured reality, caught in the impenetrability of noise as pure intensity that silently or loudly surrounds us, semantically slides and is embodied diversely in the form of interactions and relations, intimacy and the public, in the creation and unravelling of subjectivities in power plays, in collisions with the authorities.«
– Luka Zagoričnik


»I dare argue that in Slovenian literary landscape, no one has ever so explicitly, summarising different levels, spoken of the wandering spirits who dream of once getting a regular job with paid leave, annual bonus, medical leave, unemployment benefit, not to mention pension. This hysterical position of freelancers, on which the ever larger part of production depends, yet they are exempt from any social dialogue, is thus instigated not only by awakening the historic memory of that which had been and still is, but above all that which is shown in society as the fear of inevitable. Her artistic colouring – the visible is audible, the invisible is audible, and when a woman and/or lesbian is in question, the invisible is invoked into the audible.«
– Gabriela Babnik


»Love Says Let’s Go is a complex and stirring survival story, also important for the understanding of distress, which presents the everyday hellish reality of numerous individuals here and now.«
– Domen Slovinič


Tickets: €10 / 7

Produuced by: Nina Dragičević; technical direction: Špela Škulj; organised by: City of Women in co-operation with: Bunker – Old Power Station. In the framework of European cooperation project Musica Femina International. Supported by: Ministry of Culture, City of Ljubljana, Creative Europe Program.


07. 10. 2019




10 € / 7 €


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