Saturday, August 30th at 8.00 pm and Sunday, August 31st at 9.30 pm
Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana

Lola Arias is a versatile Argentinian artist: a performer, an actress, a director, a composer and a writer. Her works make reality and fiction melt into one. According to her own words, she works with actors, non-professional performers, dancers, children, babies and animals.

In her performance Mi vida después fiction and history come to intertwine. Six Argentinian actors, born during the dictatorship 1967 – 1983, stage the lives of their parents. They make use of a range of sources: clothes, letters, recordings, and also stories and memories. And it is exactly at this point that the documentary process begins to transform into stories and interpretations. The individual destinies that we see unfolding in front of us through the rich palette of dramatic manoeuvres give us a flavour of Argentinian history. And what we can decipher is a painful political reality that shredded families, human destinies and the country itself to pieces. But even so, the performance is as luscious as life. Full of pain and suffering, and yet brimming with love and humour. Once she had staged the Argentinian version of the performance, Lola Arias took on the challenge of directing the Chilean version called The year I was born.

Concept, direction: Lola Arias with the collaboration of the actors
Actors: Blas Arrese Igor, Liza Casullo, Carla Crespo, Vanina Falco, Pablo Lugones, Mariano Speratti, Moreno Speratti da Cunha
Dramaturgy, production: Sofía Medici
Music: Ulises Conti with the collaboration of Liza Casullo, Lola Arias
Set desing: Ariel Vacaro
Choreography: Luciana Acuña
Video: Marcos Medici
Light design: Gonzalo Córdova
Costume design: Jazmín Berakha
History advisory: Gonzalo Aguilar
Technical director, light adaptation: Gustavo Kotik
Co-production: Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires, steirischer herbst, Theater Spektakel Zurich, International Summer Festival Kampnagel Hamburg, Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival and Grand Theatre Groningen
Supported by: BIT Teatergarasjen, Spielart Festival, Goethe Institute

Photo: Lorena Fernandez

90 minutes

The performance is in Spanish with Slovene and English surtitles.


30. 08. 2014


Stara mestna elektrarna