The festival will be concluded by Opening Night, a performance by the Slovak group Les SlovaKs. The performance is touching, funny, electric with a youthful play of dancers and a violinist, who glide between folklore and contemporary dance with a youthful zeal and sincere conviction that they are doing the right thing. Les SlovaKs shared the folklore stage in their youth and they met again in Belgium in dance shools and in performances of well-known choreographers while they were still young. Now they work as a group and the Opening Night is their first collective performance. Their common past, similar cultural experiences and long friendhip give them a collective flair, which is most obvious in their group dance sections. They function as individuals, but the stage and the message of the performance are marked by them as a collective.
The energy and the title of the performance encapsulates the end of the festival in an incredible way: it gives us a bitter-sweet sense of community and the end, which is at the same time already the beginning of the new festival year or season, which will again end with the celebration of art, with a new festival or new performance.

Choreography and dance by: Les SlovaKs (Milan Herich, Anton Lachky, Milan Tomášik, Peter Jaško, Martin Kilvady)
Composition and live music: Simon Thierrée
Set design: Les SlovaKs
Lighting design: Hans Valcke
Costume design: Mat Voorter, Pepa Martinez
Technical director: Joris De Bolle
Production: Phileas Productions – Ulti’mates/Ultima vez
Coproduction: Teatre Mercat de les Flors, Fondazione Musica per Roma
Partners: DCJ – Dans Centrum Jette, BUDA Kunstencentrum

60 minutes


27. 08. 2008


Stara mestna elektrarna