Klovnbuf: Justin Durel and Alenka Marinič: Mask Pedagogy (from the tradition of Jacques Lecoq, his predecessors, and followers

Justin Durel and Alenka Marinič will present the basic theatrical masks used in Jacques Lecoq’s pedagogy and their historical and theatrical background. Jacques Lecoq was a legendary French theatrical artist and teacher whose vision of theater and pedagogy grew out of a heritage of theatrical masks. His pedagogy has left a resounding mark on contemporary theater, though it is not widely known in Slovenia. This lecture aims to give those who are interested a basic framework to consider the value of this pedagogy in actor training as well as in various theatrical genres.

Production: Globus Hystericus
Coproduction: Bufeto and KDPM
The project was supported by the City of Ljubljana, Department of Culture

The event is part of 15th International Festival of Contemporary Clown and New Circus Klovnbuf.
More about the Festival: https://sl.klovnbuf.si/


15. 06. 2022




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