Klovnbuf: Institute Vitkar and Cultural Association Priden možic: Good luck!

This multi-genre show by Fourklor troupe was created for the 20th anniversary of Rdeči Revirji [Red Collieries] festival and 200th anniversary of mining in Zasavje region. It exposes the mining imagery: narrow shafts, rumble of heavy machinery, deep pits, holes, interwoven ropes, pipes, shovels, picks etc. Joined by special guests, the Fourklor company members will take over all the imaginary locations in and around a coal-mine.
»The project was created as an adventure, an exploration of an unknown land. After being deserted for many years, this land will now be populated by different bodies. By using different genres and elements from circus, contemporary dance, humour and specific interventions, we will bring back this place and inspire it with some of it sold miners’ . This is something we should do more often today, look into each other’s eyes and say Good luck!«

Authors and performers: Branko Potočan, Anja Bezlova, Goran Završnik, Kristina Martinc, Nina Grguraš, Katarina Krapež, Nina Bučuk, Danijela Zajc, Veronika Valdés, Anamaria Bagarić, Tajda Podobnik, Tini Rozman.

The performance is part of 15th International Festival of Contemporary Clown and New Circus Klovnbuf.
More about the Festival: https://sl.klovnbuf.si/


13. 06. 2022




10€ / 7 €


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