Klovnbuf: Cirk Pozor: Obligation

Obligation is a non-verbal fantasy mixing clowning, dance, movement and object manipulation in new circus manner.
Inspired by “The Madwoman of Chaillot”, Jean Giraudoux’s visionary play, Obligation puts one lone woman against immense evil. It is a variation on the theme of eternal conflict between two worlds: the world of freedom, imagination and innocence and the grey world of hopelessness, which pushes us further away from a happy and healthy life. This leads to a fundamental question: do we have the right to interfere? Does an individual have the right to fight for his/her dream and does he/she have the right to have a dream at all in this world or dos this reduce him/her to a child, a madman or a drunkard? According to the makers of this piece, not only does he/she have the right to a dream, it is his/her Obligation to have one.

Duration: 1 hour

Authors: Lee Delong and Nikolina Majdak
Director: Lee Delong
Actors: Nikolina Majdak and Mario Milicic
Music: Lucija Stanojevic
Lighting design: Andrija Santro
Art design: Jasmina Dupalo
Production: Cirk Pozor 2021

More on: https://cirkpozor.hr/

The event is part of 15th International Festival of Contemporary Clown and New Circus Klovnbuf.
More about the Festival: https://sl.klovnbuf.si/


14. 06. 2022




10€ / 7€


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