Klampfer, Frankl, Merlak, Majcen: FOR THE HEALTH OF THE NATION

For the Health of the Nation by the Slovene theatre director Brina Klampfer is a reflection on the period of absurdity and a commentary on the current cultural and political situation in Slovenia, which came about due to the very small organism that reproduces only in living cells and causes infectious diseases. An entertaining monodrama, as it was subtitled by the creators, includes an active individual, improviser Peter Frankl, who uses the stage to organise a party for all those who missed theatre during the lockdown of public life. Especially the sort of theatre which is prescribed by the governing bodies today, one that is full of everything but at the same time of nothingness ¬– of art that is only meant to entertain the audience in order for them to forget about everyday worries. The twist made by the creators in For the Health of the Nation is in the fact that they try to entertain us with everyday worries and toxic politicians, which is not addressed metaphorically, but literally. The time we live in is not a tragedy, but a melodrama mixed with a farce. Perhaps even a time when comedy and satire can establish that they have been overwhelmed by reality. And the viewer, as in any good entertainment show, receives a surprise gift.

Authors: Brina Klampfer, Peter Frankl, Urša Majcen, Vid Merlak
Direction: Brina Klampfer
On stage: Peter Frankl
Dramaturgy: Urša Majcen
Costumes and scenography: Rosana Knavs
Video and music: Vid Merlak
Thanks to: Tajda Podobnik
Technical execution: Andrej PetrovčičIzvršna producentka/Executive producer: Maja Vižin
Public relations: Tamara Bračič Vidmar
Produced by: Bunker, Ljubljana
Supported by: Ministrstvo za kulturo RS, Mestna občina Ljubljana

With the help of: ACT – Art, Climate, Transition, European Union: Creative Europe programme – Culture

45 minutes

The performance is in Slovene, there will be English summary available.

Photo: Nada Žgank

Video: Klara Drnovšek Solina
Editing: Domen Martinčič

About the show:


27. 08. 2020




Reservations: info@bunker.si


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