Katarina Stegnar, Urška Brodar, Jure Novak: KATARINA PO NAROČILU

Monday, August 24th at 10.00 pm
Wednesday, August 26th at 6.30 pm
Gledališče Glej

Renowned Slovenian artists Katarina Stegnar (actress, performer, dancer, author), Jure Novak (director, performer, poet) and Urška Brodar (dramaturge, translator) opened their trilogy with the performance Jure Novak: Zato sem srečen, which touched on the subject of depression. Katarina po naročilu, featuring Stegnar and Novak as performers, tackles the question of aggression.

Something Bergmanian lies at the core of this performance – for one, it builds on the psychology of the characters, whose conversations subsequently give birth to a world far more palpable than that embodied on stage. The superb performance and dialogues stand out, but the real brilliance of this performance emanates through its multifaceted nature – the meta-level of one performance placed within another – Dürrenmatt’s Der Auftrag, the actress-director relationship or, better yet, the subtle nuances arising from this professional and personal relationship, and of course, the dynamics of scoping out the limits of all these relationships; above all, grappling with the level of sincerity towards one’s own work, one’s own achievements and one’s own limitations on the art »market«. Aggression, oscillating on the scale between self-destruction and rape.

Authors: Katarina Stegnar, Urška Brodar, Jure Novak
Performers: Katarina Stegnar, Jure Novak
Production: Gledališče Glej
Co-production: Zavod Poza

Photo: Ivian Kan Mujezinović

70 minutes

The performance will be held in Slovenian on 24th August and in English on 26th August.


24. 08. 2015


Gledališče Glej