Josef Nadj, Akosh S.: Les Corbeaux

Sunday, August 28th at 8 pm
Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana

A Stroke with a Black Brush

After a few years’ time, the stage magician Josef Nadj returns to Ljubljana where numerous and loyal audience awaits for the artist with utter adoration. This time he comes to perform in a duet Les Corbeaux (The Crows) together with his fellow Vojvodinian countryman, saxophone player and multi-instrumentalist Akosh Szelevény. In the performance, the two artists turn to Nature and thereby also to the creature which gives the horizon of the Vojvodinian plain its typical essence: the crow. In some cultures this intelligent bird represents the harbinger of death, in others the devil or a deity of some sort. Regardless of the imaginary form given to the crow in a culture, the bird has undoubtedly stirred up human imagination from the prehistoric times on.

Nadj had been watching these birds with curiosity of an ornithologist and was particularly interested in their specific manner of landing, which is normally followed by them walking on the ground. All of his performances are a mental and physical union of theatre, dance, painting, sculpture and literature. It is no wonder, therefore, that the part of the third performer in this artpiece is played by canvas, the presence of which is conveyed by time and space. It is most of all about the yet unwritten memory, which becomes embedded with traces of dance and music as the performance gradually unfolds. It thus functions as a visual space for the stories to assemble in and for emotions to imprint upon. The performance is actually Nadj’s preparation for the paint gesture, for a stroke with a brush. For at one point in this meditative and Zen-like performance all three – the brush, the bird and the deep essence of blackness – become its main subject.

Choreography: Josef Nadj
Musical composition: Akosh Szelevényi
Light design: Rémi Nicolas
Light designer assisted by: Christian Scheltens
Set design and props: Clément Dirat, Julien Fleureau. Alexandre De Monte
Sound: Jean-Philippe Dupont, Steven Le Corre
Technical team: Christian Scheltens, Jean-Philippe Dupont, Sylvain Blocquaux
Production: Centre chorégraphique national d’Orléans
Co-production: Théâtre Forum Meyrin
With the support of: Scène Nationale d’Orléans

Duration: 60 minutes

Price of tickets: 10 € (7 €- secondary, primary school and university students, seniors)
Tickets available an hour prior to a event at Festival venues.


28. 08. 2011


Stara mestna elektrarna