Jane’s Walk on the Hunt for Playgrounds

Thursday, August 25th at 5 pm
starting point in park Tabor by the fountain

A walk across the Tabor district with the landscape architect Maja Simoneti from the Institute of Spatial Policies

Children’s play reflects the vivacity of a place and thus also indicates the level of its quality of life. Children play all the time and everywhere, which is why organised playgrounds can only meet a certain part of their need for playing. It therefore depends on whether an environment is able to offer the conditions for informal play in order to properly call it a child-friendly environment. This also means that it has a welcoming intergenerational and inclusive nature. As we make our way around the Tabor district, we will step into children’s shoes in order to understand the way their space-determined needs meet the needs of others, and it will be through this new and innovative perspective that we will attempt to explore the surrounding area. We’re interested in seeing how streets and public institutions work for someone who is 4’3” tall, has a skateboard on their shoulder and a cheerful young friend following them around. We will discuss our views on how we see children in relation to space in order to look for actions and arrangements that might support and strengthen informal play.


25. 08. 2011


Park Tabor