Janek Turkowski: MARGARETE

Janek Turkowski is a Polish theatre author and curator. His main creative focus is the concept of time and narration, or the origins of the storytelling.

In 2008, he discovered a cardboard box containing 64 reels of 8 mm film at a flea market in the north of Germany; each reel contained images of the same woman, Margarete Ruhbe. He embarked on an artistic journey to reconstruct the life of the women discovered on the tapes. A mixture of images and narratives, the performance is a wonderful example of the intimate traversing the global, as we are witnessing Margaret against the backdrop of the former Communist Germany. In 2018, it is also hard to ignore the reflection on the self‑recording, on the images that we are accumulate of ourselves. Will anyone ever use them to create a performance, too?

Creator and Performer: Janek Turkowski
Video: Margarete Ruhbe, Martyna Głowacka, Adam Ptaszynski, Marcin Piatkowski, Janek Turkowski
Set Design: Wiesława Turkowska, Janek Turkowski
Music: Roger Anklam, Przemek Radar Olszewski
Translators: Jeannette Boettcher, Marcin Piatkowski, Andrzej Wojtasik
Management: Iwona Nowacka
Photo: Konfrontacje
55 minutes
The performance is in English.


28. 11. 2018




Narodni dom Maribor