Irwin and Tevž Logar: National Exhibition of the NSK State

NSK selection of research interviews with possible participants of the NSK State Art Exhibition + poster

The NSK State was founded in 1992 by the Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK) art collective, consisting of Laibach, Irwin, Noordung, New Collectivism and the Department of Pure and Applied Philosophy. By the end of the decade, the NSK groups had gained a reputation in Europe, America and Japan. The works and actions of the NSK have provided commentary on many of the political processes of the last two decades, and today the collective is recognised as having played a key role in the political and cultural history of Slovenia and the former Yugoslavia, as well as in the pluralisation of Slovenian society and culture in the 1980s.
Although the population of the NSK cannot be compared to most other countries, the structure of its citizens already makes it an international power. Its citizens include many outstanding, world-renowned artists, art theorists and curators. Thus, most other countries can hardly compare with the NSK in the field of contemporary art.
The Irwin collective invited Tevž Logar to record a series of interviews with its citizens working in the field of visual arts. He also curated two exhibitions of the NSK State, which featured works by a section of artists, citizens of the NSK.


Interviews by: Tevž Logar
Questions formulated by: Tevž Logar and Irwin.
Participants: Pablo Helguera (16:25 minutes), Ištvan Huzjan, (7:27 minutes), Emily McMehen (9:20 minutes), Alban Muja (21:00 minutes), Mladen Stilinović (9:26 minutes), Ahmet Ögüt (15:00 minutes)
In addition to the participants, we would also like to thank Katherine Carl and Matej Marinček.

Photo: James Gallery

NSK State in Time Appearances in Space, poster, 140 x 100 cm


27. 09. 2023




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