Inan Sven Du Swami, Mojca Špik: THE COPERNICAN THEORY

WARNING: The performance contains strong lighting effects.

Time is passing, but humanity is brazenly playing with it. In our blind dedication to profit, we fiercely get involved in conflicts with nature that lead to a real apocalypse. For many, the days of peace are but a distant memory, if they ever existed. Copernicus already reminded us in the 16th century that the world does not revolve around us. But instead of coming to terms with our tiny place in this infinite, cosmic game, capitalism perpetuates our illusion of control.

In this chaos, we give birth to new heliocentric visions, where each individual is a star that shines for itself. We turn inward and try to calm the chaos by understanding our own, personal identity. But our perception of our self is inevitably intertwined with social norms. We lose ourselves in trying to live up to ideals that are not necessarily our own. We are so divided, like atoms that cannot connect into a strong molecule that would transform the social fabric.

Time is almost up. But sometimes a whole new universe is born from the darkest hour.

Direction: Inan Sven Du Swami
Concept, performance and choreography: Inan Sven Du Swami, Mojca Špik
Dramaturgy and author of text: Zala Mojca Jerman Kuželički
Conceptual design of scenic elements: Inan Sven Du Swami, Mojca Špik, Anže Bizjak
Production of scenic elements: Anže Bizjak
Design of projection animation: Mojca Špik
Animation of the projection: Inan Sven Du Swami
Music: Martin Vogrin
Costume design: Iztok Hrga
Lighting design: Gregor Kuhar
Produced by: Fabla Collective, Inan Sven Du Swami
Supported by: Ministry of Culture of Slovenia

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27. 03. 2024


20:00 - 21:10


12€ / 7€


Stara mestna elektrarna