Horkeškart CONCERT

I’m Eating Your Plaster
At the beginning, there was Škart, a group, established in 1990 in the graphic studio of The Faculty for Architecture in Belgrade. Many years later, Škart presented theiraction “Your Shit — Your Responsibility” at the “Centre for Cultural Decontamination”. A part of the action was also the song “The holy Cows of Arsen”. The group decided to form a special choir in order to perform this song. With the assistance of the Belgrade Student radio station B92, they organized an audition. All the participants were accepted, whether they had a musical ear or not. From that point on, the choir “Horkeškart” zealously rehearses and performs. They sing revolutionary songs (including a few Slovene songs) and unusual adaptations with poetic and surrealistic titles. The authors of the adaptations and songs are often the singers themselves. At this unique choir concert you will not only enjoy, but gladly sing along as well.


25. 08. 2006


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