Hiroaki Umeda: while going to a condition in ACCUMULATED LAYOUT


Hiroaki Umeda lives and works in Tokyo, where he studied photography. He became involved in dance, more particularly that of hip hop and classical ballet when he was 20 years old. The performances while going to a condition and Accumulated Layout were created five years apart and are both a real feast for the eyes. Umeda designed both performances entirely by himself, even the use of light, which is an integral part of his works.
Both performances are subtle and refined: the movements of Hiroaki Umeda are carefully measured out and defined, even when he only rocks his body at a leisurely pace. At the same time, the performance is an attack upon the viewers’ senses: the tempo, exacting to the second is inexorable, while the minimalism of the performance has a function of a well calibrated dramaturgy, which ensures that the fascination is preserved on the highest level until the very end of the performance.

while going to a condition
Choreographer and dancer: Hiroaki Umeda
Sound: S20
Images: S20

23:45 minutes

Choreographer and dancer: Hiroaki Umeda
Lighting design: S20
Sound: S20
Produced by: Théâtre national de Chaillot and S20 z LA Chantterie (DCA)
With support of: EU – Japan Fest Japan Committe

25 minutes


19. 08. 2007


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