Gregor Zorc possesses a remarkable array of talents. An actor featuring in theatre and film, a performer and a co-founder of the Via Negativa collective, movement artist (notably collaborating with Snježana Premuš), scriptwriter (of an award-winning short film Steakhouse to name one example) as well as a singer, dancer and storyteller, he breathes life into all his performances. His past involvement with Via Negativa is a testament to his gift for storytelling. It is this same narrative voltage that came to the forefront once again in the performance entitled How Did We End Up Here? where Zorc and Matej Recer sit at a bar table and lay bare their respective family histories and formative life events in their correspondence with the shifts in history.
Zorc deftly walks the fine line between tragedy and comedy, between poetic expression and brutal truth, between simple-mindedness and razor-sharp insights. And it is this very line that audience members take as we follow his every step, just like little goats follow a handful of salt.
It was in the Fairytales of our Childhood (directed by Jernej Lorenci) that Zorc announced Human Territory with the captivating roe deer story. Having curated Human Territory in the Storytelling Festival, Špela Frlic collaborated with Zorc to bring us animals that Zorc came across during his theatre endeavours, with a dog and a bull accompanying a roe deer. He’ll tell us a story under the chestnut trees of Tabor, at the time when the magic of twilight makes stories sound their most enchanting. It may well be that as the night falls upon Human Territory party animals come to life.

60 minutes
Tale is in Slovene.

Concept, words, storytelling: Gregor Zorc
Produced by: Cankarjev dom v okviru 26. Pripovedovalskega festivala/in the frame of 26th Storytelling Festival

Photo by: Nada Žgank


18. 08. 2023


18:00 - 19:00


1 €


ŠD Tabor